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Wondering how to get scratches out of wood floors? When you’ve got timber flooring, it’s only natural that you want to learn the tips and tricks that can help keep your floors looking brand new for longer. Timber’s natural material means that regular, heavy use can scratch the surface, and many people have had to deal with this when it comes to their flooring. It’s important to know that there are some DIY fixes that you can use to get these scratches out, however! Below are some tips that homeowners have used for years to maintain the look of their timber floors, whether it’s solid timber planks or engineered timber flooring.

DIY Scratched Wooden Floor Rescue Tips

1. Gently clean surfaces

Dirt particles on the surface of your wooden floors can actually lead to bad scratches, as foot traffic can grind these particles into the surface. Worn areas and scratches usually look worse if timber floors haven’t been cleaned properly for a while, which means that the first thing you need to do is to thoroughly, but gently, clean your wooden floors. 

Don’t use abrasive cleaning tools such as hard bristle brooms or scrubbing pads! Soft mops or vacuums with non-abrasive attachments work well to remove dust, hair, and surface debris. Ask your wooden flooring manufacturer what cleaning solution is best to use, especially in regards to your flooring’s finish.

2. Sand out your scratches

Fine-grained sandpaper can be your floor’s saviour, as long as you know how to use it! Buff out the scratch in the direction of the grain, and make sure to reapply a like-coloured wood stain to keep your floors looking uniform and polished after. If you’re unsure about the stain, choose a hidden area to do a patch test first to ensure that the wood stain you have matches your floor colour, and then you can patch test a urethane finish on top, too.

3. Use walnuts to help camouflage scratches

Walnuts are not only delicious, they’re also a natural way to help repair and enhance the look of worn wood, especially if there are scratches on the surface. You can do this by warming up the oil in the nut between your fingers, and slowly rubbing into worn areas of your flooring in small, circular motions. Apply it this way, and let the oil sit for at least a few minutes, before wiping off the excess with a soft cloth. You’ll find that a walnut’s natural emollient and brown dye can minimise scratch marks and leave you with a richer-looking wood.

4. Use a wood stain to colour in scratches

Deep scratches can be a bit more difficult to buff away with sandpaper, or even walnuts. Wood stains are an effective way to help combat the worn look that scratches leave. Depending on the existing finish of your wooden flooring, whether it’s jarrah flooring or a different timber, you can choose between oil-based, water-based, or combination stains for the best result.

Once you’ve decided on the right stain formula, fill in the scratch completely with the stain, and remove excess with a q-tip. Let it dry thoroughly. There are also stain markers and blending pencils available for purchase, but this may require you to buy multiple to get the right colour combination that matches your existing flooring.


To keep your floors less susceptible to scratches and gouges in the wood, it’s important to follow simple guidelines. Refrain from walking in heels, and if you have pets, their nails might raise the risk of small scratches on the surface, so it might be a good idea to invest in some quality rugs in high traffic areas, too. 

There are also felt floor protectors that you can buy to keep chair and furniture legs from scratching your hardwood flooring. Make sure to get high-quality ones with a good adhesive, but there are variants on the market that involve nails and other fasteners, as well as flexible slip-ons, too.

Timber Care & Maintenance Packages

If you’re wanting to keep your floors in tip-top shape for much longer, look into Kustom Timber’s hardwood flooring care and maintenance services to keep your wooden flooring full of life for the years to come. For floors that last a lifetime, correct maintenance and care of your floors is essential. Kustom Timber offers extensive care and maintenance packages that involve professional cleaning and nourishing treatments, as well as sanding, polishing, and refinishing old flooring to look brand new. 

Enquire today to start the journey to refreshed, shiny floors that elevate the look of your home!