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Spotted Gum

Available in Engineered & Solid - Sizing Varies

Looking for beautiful, striking tones in your wooden flooring? Spotted Gum timber just might take your breath away the moment you lay your eyes on it.
Spotted Gum is one of Australia’s most popular native hardwoods. Also known as Lemon-scented Gum, it’s grown along the east coast of Australia, from northern Queensland to northeast Victoria. Some species of Spotted Gum have also been introduced in Western Australia and South Australia.


Natural Durability & Strength

With straight, slender trunks, and a smooth bark that naturally sheds in spots, Spotted Gum has been used in a wide range of applications. From wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, mining timbers, as well as framing, decking, and flooring, Spotted Gum’s exquisite look is complemented by its natural durability and strength. With a relatively back-sawn grain structure, attractive natural features and markings, and a subtle to vibrant colour range, it’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice.


Wide Range of Colour Tones

With colour tones ranging from blonde, to cream, to deep chocolate, it’s an extremely versatile timber for flooring applications. Spotted Gum sapwood is usually white to light brown in colour, and overall the timber has a wavy grain that boosts its timeless beauty. Spotted Gum’s grain also gives rise to an attractive fiddleback figure, giving it a unique look that’s hard to replicate.


Suitable for Contemporary & Classic Spaces

Its natural features, such as gum veins and gum pockets, insect trails, knots, and burrs, add to its uniqueness. With smooth textures, and a gently flowing grain, it’s a great option for both contemporary and classic spaces. Spotted gum flooring exudes a soothing look that is easy to style, helping you to bring your interiors to life no matter what decor or furniture you have.While it’s visually beautiful, Spotted Gum is also extremely hardy, with a Janka rating of 11kN, and a density of 950. This high durability sets it apart from the average hardwood flooring, as Spotted Gum boasts great longevity against heavy foot traffic areas. For active families, or even households with pets, Spotted gum flooring is a great option as it’s naturally hard-wearing and scratch-resistant.For flooring that lasts for generations to come, Spotted Gum flooring is an amazing choice. This hard-wearing timber, when cared for and maintained properly, will exude a uniquely elegant look year after year. And if you’re wanting to change up the look of your flooring, its high durability ensures that resanding and refinishing will be a breeze, making it easy to breathe new life into your beautiful floors.


Sustainably Sourced Timber

At Kustom Timber, we specialise in Engineered timber flooring for Mornington and Melbourne. Our dedication to responsibly-sourced Spotted Gum timber ensures that you get the highest quality flooring, while also supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives. Our sustainably-sourced, fast-growing plantation timber, as well as our general focus on greener solutions in our business, ensures that you’ll always be purchasing timber that is both durable and is easy on the environment.
What’s more, our team has in-depth expertise in installation, maintenance, and aftercare for our timber products, ensuring that your sustainable wooden flooring continues to look beautiful and durable for many years to come.


Ready to invest in Spotted Gum Flooring?

If you’re interested in adding the depth and richness of character of Spotted Gum flooring to your home or business, send us an enquiry and our friendly team will get back to you. We offer different sizes of timber, parquetry, stairs, and flooring installation services. Our Spotted Gum timber is available in Engineered and Solid floorboards, and samples can be sent Australia-wide, too.

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