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Available in Engineered & Solid - Sizing Varies

Looking for a rich, deep toned Australian hardwood for your next project? Jarrah is always one of the best choices among other flooring options.

What is Jarrah Flooring?

With its incredible red tones, and warm notes, Jarrah is a beautiful timber that adds a striking richness of character to any space. With the botanical name of Eucalyptus Marginata, and native to Western Australia’s South West, it ranks high on the Janka scale with an 8.5. Its tones range from rich, dark reds, to pale pinks, providing a distinctively “Western Australia” feel to any room. With a generally interlocked to wavy grain, and a medium to coarse texture, it provides a raw, dynamic look that exudes depth of character. 

What are the main benefits of Jarrah Flooring?

  • Warm, inviting, and luxurious, it’s no wonder more homes are being decorated with Jarrah timber.
  • With a timeless look that looks beautiful no matter what, with proper care and maintenance, our engineered timber flooring will last for generations to come.
  • Historically used in joinery, panelling, flooring, and in construction of wharfs and bridges, its durability is proven by the wide range of its usage within high-traffic, high-intensity industries and areas.
  • And with its lush, warm tones, it’s no question that it’s an amazing flooring option for various interior designs.

Whether you’re after a smart, modern-looking style that’s perfectly matched with deep toned flooring, or you’re wanting to harken back to the elegance and beauty of grand homes built in history, Jarrah floorboards provide a highly versatile option for dynamic styles and aesthetics. There’s just nothing else quite like Jarrah timber flooring! 

Why is Jarrah suitable for your home?

Jarrah timber is an extremely durable flooring option, with a high density and high resistance to pests and insects such as termites or marine borers. It also boasts a high resistance to fire, and is spectacular for high traffic areas due to its hard-wearing nature. This ensures that choosing Jarrah flooring for your interiors or exteriors will provide a strong, long-lasting timber flooring to be enjoyed for generations to come. Its natural resistant properties are highly valued across many applications, making it perfect for both interior and exterior usage. A highly resilient and durable option, Jarrah exudes a raw, natural beauty that will go perfectly with your projects.

Where to buy Jarrah floorboards in Melbourne?

At Kustom Timber, our Jarrah timber flooring options include both solid and engineered floorboards. We also offer stair and customised parquetry installations to really elevate the look and feel of each space. With this timber’s superior reliability, and luxurious vibes, you’ll be sure to impress with Jarrah floorboards!


And because this aesthetically pleasing flooring solution is sourced from old growth and native forest regrowth in Western Australia, it’s very important to look for Jarrah flooring sourced ethically and sustainably. Kustom Timber’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally-responsible practices, as well as our commitment to using only products sourced from companies with the PEFC® (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) or the FSC® (the Forest Stewardship Council) logo ensures that your Jarrah flooring is responsibly sourced. So you can enjoy the benefits of sustainable flooring for the years to come.

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