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Grey Ironbark flooring

Grey Ironbark

Available in Engineered & Solid - Sizing Varies

Looking for a hardwood flooring that’s been hailed as one of the most solid timbers available in the world today? Grey Ironbark timber might just be your perfect choice. Grey Ironbark is a premium Australian hardwood that has been seen along the coast of New South Wales and Queensland. Also known as White Ironbark, this timber is an extremely hard-wearing hardwood. It’s considered to be one of the most versatile, durable, and strong native Australian hardwoods.


High Durability

Grey Ironbark has been used for a wide range of applications, such as wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross arms, poles, piles, and mining timbers, as well as house framing and flooring. It’s no question that Grey Ironbark timber’s high durability makes it ideal for high traffic commercial and residential areas, especially when it comes to flooring.


Unique & Elegant Aesthetic

With a wide variety of shades ranging from light grey, light chocolate, reddish-brown, to almost nutty honey tones, Grey Ironbark flooring has a uniquely tight cathedral grain pattern, with occasional interlocking throughout. Ironbark wood also usually has very little gum vein, providing an elegant look that’s hard to replicate. The sapwood is typically very light in colour, almost white, as compared to the heartwood. This timber’s texture is characteristically even and moderately coarse, making it a distinctively unique timber flooring choice. Ironbark flooring polishes beautifully, exuding a beautiful and smooth sheen that adds depth and character to both interior and exterior spaces, while still providing a heavy, hard and compact flooring solution.


Ideal For Residential & Commercial Spaces

With a density of 1120 and a Janka rating of 14kN, this particularly strong, and durable timber boasts both longevity and style, helping you bring your interiors to life for the generations to come. What’s more, it’s naturally resistant to lyctid borers and termites, making it a great choice for homes and business spaces.
If you’re after a distinctively unique timber, Ironbark flooring exudes a strikingly elegant look that is extremely hard wearing and durable, no matter where it’s installed. Regardless of your decor and furniture, you’ll find that Ironbark wooden flooring can take any space to the next level, giving off that vibe of effortless luxury.


Versatile Flooring Option

Grey Ironbark flooring resists denting, splintering, and wear naturally throughout regular use, and when combined with proper care and maintenance, will look amazing for the years to come. What’s more, it works well with resanding and refinishing if you’re after a change in the look of your flooring after a while, making it a really versatile timber flooring option for your needs, whatever they may be.


Responsibly-Sourced Timber

At Kustom Timber, we specialise in Melbourne custom timber flooring. Our dedication to responsibly-sourced Ironbark timber ensures that you get the highest quality flooring, while also supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives. Our sustainably-sourced, fast-growing plantation timber, as well as our focus on greener solutions in our business practices, ensures that you’ll get a product that’s both durable and cares for the environment. What’s more, our team has in-depth expertise in installation, maintenance, and aftercare for our timber products, ensuring that your sustainable wooden flooring continues to look beautiful and durable for the years to come.


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If you’re interested in adding the depth and richness of character of Ironbark flooring to your home or business, send us an enquiry and our friendly team will get back to you. We offer different sizes of timber, parquetry, stairs, and flooring installation services. Our Ironbark timber is available in Engineered and Solid floorboards, and samples can be sent Australia-wide, too.

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