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Available in Engineered & Solid - Sizing Varies

Looking to integrate the look and feel of Australian wood in your home or business project? Blackbutt flooring is a great choice if you’re wanting a durable, versatile, and adaptable flooring option. Blackbutt’s durability and distinctive look will suit any area of your home or business. If you’re after a hardwood that is elegant and bright, with natural resistant properties that make it perfect for interior and exterior use, Blackbutt timber might just be the perfect match for your project. 

What is Blackbutt Flooring?

An Australian hardwood with the botanical name of Eucalyptus Pilularis, Blackbutt is striking, with its creamy, buttery notes that go well with a wide variety of furnishings and styles. Its common name came about to describe its appearance after a bushfire, wherein the buttress significantly darkened.

With its generally straight grain pattern, and warm, pale brown tones, this flooring pairs beautifully in large, open plan rooms. A hardwood with a high Janka hardwood rating of 9.1, it’s a highly resilient and durable flooring option exuding raw, natural beauty.

Sustainability If you prioritise sustainability and responsible sourcing of timber flooring, Blackbutt is a great option for your project. It grows quickly, and is easily used in a variety of applications. It makes for great plantation timber, and the commonly available species in New South Wales and southern Queensland is a popular choice for sustainably sourced Blackbutt wood. 

What are the main benefits of Blackbutt Flooring?

If you’re after high quality, engineered timber flooring solutions for your project, the warmth and brightness of Blackbutt floorboards has made it a popular choice for various areas. 

  • Open plan homes benefit from the durability and sophistication of Blackbutt timber, lending an airy, open feel to any space. 
  • With its light tones, even grain, and minimal knot patterns, it provides a bright charm that goes well with many interior designs and furnishings. 
  • Welcoming and stylish, it’s a great choice for any interior space due to its natural beauty.

Why is Blackbutt the right choice for your home?

Blackbutt has also been used for outdoor decking, owing to its high resistance to fire and termites. This highly versatile timber boasts a hardness that not only ensures it can withstand regular, heavy traffic and weights, but it also has natural properties that prevent it from environmental and pest damage over time. By choosing Blackbutt timber for your flooring, you’re choosing wooden solutions that are excellent value for money, and will look spectacular for the years to come.

Blackbutt is currently one of the most commonly used wood species in Australia for homes and businesses. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular flooring option. No matter if you’re looking for flooring solutions for your project’s interior, or exterior, Blackbutt’s natural qualities, raw beauty, and light, honey tones will lend a beautiful and practical style wherever you choose to install it. 

How to maintain Blackbutt floors in Future?

Curious about sanding and polishing options in the future? Because of its durability, Blackbutt is versatile enough to withstand staining, resanding, and polishing, which provides a variety of options for finishes on installation, as well as years down the line, if you’re wanting a refresh on your beautiful Blackbutt flooring after years of use.

Where should I buy Blackbutt Floorboards in Melbourne?

At Kustom Timber, we have both engineered timber and solid timber options available for Blackbutt timber flooring. Prices vary with sizes, so please contact us for availability and prices. We know that you’ll find the perfect match for your project within our collection. Download our catalogue today and have a look at the entire range of beautiful flooring options. If you’re unable to make it in-store, just request samples to be sent to you, Australia-wide, using our enquiry form below.

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