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Timber Flooring Trends From Around the World

Timber remains one of the most popular flooring options for the home and it’s not just Australians who embrace wooden floorboards – timber flooring is utilised in countries across the world. If you’re looking into timber flooring installation for your home but have been searching for inspiration around style, colour and finish, we’re here to share some of our favourite timber flooring trends from around the world.

American grey palette

American Grey - Timber Floor

In America, traditional timber colours continue to be popular but we’re also seeing a move towards grey timber flooring as a fashionable choice. Grey timber offers a cool, modern feel while still being neutral enough to go with any design style. Americans are also favouring wider planks which can help make the room look larger as well as being easier to maintain. 

English parquetry

Parquetry - Timber Floor

Parquetry has been popular in the UK since arriving in England in the 17th century and original designs can still be found in Edwardian homes. Although parquetry fell out of favour in the 1930s with the arrival of carpet and lino, it’s had a resurgence in popularity and remains a popular choice in England due to it suiting the older style homes which are prevalent throughout the country. 

Scandinavian minimalism

Scandinavian - Timber Flooring

With Scandinavian designs becoming popular across the world, it should come as no surprise that Scandinavian countries have embraced minimalism when it comes to timber flooring. In keeping with the Scandinavian style, lighter timber flooring is favoured to open up space and embrace any natural light. Neutral, lighter coloured flooring fits perfectly with the Scandinavian aesthetic where open spaces and minimal furniture is popular. 

Japanese black flooring

Japanese Black - Timber Floor

In Japan, dark and exotic timber flooring has been embraced with black floor finishes becoming increasingly popular. The almost-black finish has a natural sheen without being high gloss and transforms floorboards into a real feature. This finish is designed to allow the natural beauty of the timber show from underneath the dramatic black.  Although the finished product is beautiful, the application of the finish can be time-consuming!

Australian engineered timber 

lighter coloured wood

In Australia, we’re seeing an emerging trend in engineered timber flooring. This is due to the fact that engineered timber offers the beauty of genuine hardwood while the construction offers unrivalled hardiness. In Australian conditions where humidity, heat and dramatic temperature changes can all impact on solid hardwood, engineered timber copes well with extreme temperatures and humidity which means it can truly stand the test of time.

If you’ve been inspired by what the world has to offer in relation to timber flooring trends, Kustom Timber can help install stunning new floorboards into your home. We specialise in timber flooring installation Melbourne and our attention to detail and high level of experience means you’ll love the finished product. 

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