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Tassie Oak

Available in Engineered & Solid - Sizing Varies

Tasmanian Oak flooring might just be the perfect choice for your home or business.

What is Tasmanian Oak Timber?

Tasmanian oak, also known as Australian oak, comes from the hardwood that is produced by three specific trees: Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua, or Eucalyptus delegatensis for when it is sourced from Tasmania, Australia. However, Eucalyptus regnans and delegatensis is also called Victorian Ash when it is sourced from Victoria. Quite often, Tasmanian Oak can be marketed under the name Victorian Ash, but only because there are slight differences between these two types of timber. Tasmanian Oak is slightly more mixed and oftentimes more dark than Victorian Ash, but they ultimately possess the same features and appearance, as well as durability.


A Distinctively Beautiful Hardwood

Tasmanian Oak is a beautiful hardwood timber that is highly sought after for its light, warm colour, uniformly straight grain, and high versatility. With shades ranging from straw to light reddish-brown, as well as varying shades of cream and pink in between, and with a Janka rating of 5.5, it’s been used historically in a variety of applications, from marine craft construction, bridges, poles, sleepers, and nowadays, as timber flooring. This hard-wearing hardwood and its high-impact resistance, as well as its beautiful, open texture with a fairly coarse grain has won the hearts of clients from all over the world, and for good reason.


Versatile Timber For A Wide Range of Spaces

Its popularity within Australia and internationally is not only because of its striking elegance, but also because of its durability and hard-wearing qualities. Not only that, but designers and builders have made Tasmanian Oak their preference not only for its resilience and warmth, but also because it possesses excellent staining qualities that make it versatile enough for any application.

With stained Tasmanian Oak flooring, it’s easy to suit existing decor of all types, and create a look that is fresh and inviting, no matter what your project requires. This beautiful flooring not only complements any space but elevates it to a state of elegance and warmth that’s hard to duplicate.


Bringing Your Interiors To Life

Depending on the grade of the timber you acquire, Tasmanian Oak can feature gum veins and gum pockets, insect trails, and burrs, which will elevate that natural charm that this timber possesses. These features, coupled with Tasmanian Oak’s light shades of cream to light brown, have made it a crowd-favourite for those looking to elevate a modern and elegant aesthetic in their homes, buildings, or design projects.


Sustainably Sourced Timber

And at Kustom Timber, we place a lot of importance on sustainability. We source our Tasmanian Oak from organisations that focus on responsible management of the world’s forests. Our Tasmanian Oak comes from suppliers who are certified PEFC® or FSC®, meaning that your Tasmanian Oak flooring is sustainably sourced and handled throughout the supply chain, leading to environmentally-conscious processes that help take care of the planet for the future generations.


Interested In This Beautiful Timber?

If you’re interested in adding the brightness and elegance of character of Tasmanian Oak flooring to your home or business, send us an enquiry and our friendly team will get back to you. We offer different sizes of timber, parquetry, stairs, and flooring installation services. Our Tasmanian Oak timber is available in Engineered and Solid floorboards, and samples can be sent Australia-wide, too, making your flooring journey that much easier.

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