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Available in Engineered & Solid - Sizing Varies

If you’re looking for a statement flooring, make Chestnut your choice. Sophistication and natural beauty come together flawlessly in the beautiful tones of Chestnut timber. No matter your project, Chestnut flooring might just be what you need to take any room to the next level of great design and high aesthetic.


What is Chestnut Timber?

Produced from three Eucalyptus species of messmate, southern beech, and silvertop, also known as black ash, Chestnut timber’s durability ensures decades of sophisticated beauty and use for a variety of projects. With a high Janka rating of 8.1, it’s not only full of character and resiliently strong, but it’s also highly dent-resistant, which is perfect for high foot traffic areas.


Beautiful Shades and Tones for Any Space

Chestnut timber is also characterised by gorgeously subtle colour variations ranging from straw brown to light chocolate tones. Historically, it has been used for other applications such as cabinetry and furniture, and due to its durability, versatility, and natural beauty, nowadays it is growing in popularity as a great choice for timber flooring. Chestnut’s generally consistent colour profile ensures uniformity within your projects, while still exuding that natural look and high durability that elevates any space while offering the peace of mind of high-quality hardwood flooring.


Unique Features To Elevate Your Design

Chestnut floorboards can offer distinctive features depending on the grade, such as gum veins, bug trails, and knotting, due to the natural circumstances that occur as it grows. Australian Chestnut is considered a Select Grade, and Wormy Chestnut and Driftwood are considered a Feature Grade, all of which have differing looks and characteristics that make them attractive for different types of projects, ranging from home building, renovations, or businesses.


Stylishly Durable Flooring For Elegant Interiors

Making use of processes such as staining and polishing can help to accentuate and showcase the uniqueness of each floorboard, adding to the natural beauty that Chestnut flooring possesses. The darker coloured etchings of Feature Grade floorboards, usually brown and black, can add definition to any room, mixing together a traditional style with a modern look and ensuring that your timber floorboards can complement a wide range of interior designs and furnishings.
If you go for Select Grade Australian Chestnut, you can rest assured in the consistency of colour and grain pattern, too, adding a feeling of warmth and sophistication to any space that is not only modern, but stylish, too. This mixture of elegance and rustic style will not only be durable for the years to come, but will also withstand heavy foot traffic in oft-used spaces in your home or business. Not only is it value for money, but you can rest easy knowing you’ll be installing a beautiful flooring that stands the test of time, no matter what you throw at it.


Sustainably Sourced Timber

Here at Kustom Timber, we use only Chestnut timber that has been harvested and sourced from sustainably managed forests, ensuring environmentally-conscious practices and responsible sourcing of Chestnut timber. We take pride in making sure that all the timber that we use for our clients’ projects, from growers to manufacturers, has been sustainably managed, leading to better environmentally-focused practices for the future.


Is Chestnut Your Choice of Timber?

At Kustom Timber, we have both engineered timber and solid timber options available for Chestnut timber flooring. Prices vary with sizes, so please contact us for availability and prices. We know that you’ll find the perfect match for your project within our collection of quality engineered hardwood flooring. Download our catalogue today and have a look at the entire range of beautiful flooring options. And if you’re unable to make it in-store, just request samples to be sent to you, Australia-wide, using our enquiry form below, making your flooring project easier than it has ever been!

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