Engineered Wood Flooring Care

Engineered timber flooring not only look beautiful thanks to the individual character of the hardwood veneer but is also durable and stable due to the sturdy construction. Although engineered wood flooring is undoubtedly long lasting, you still need to undertake the appropriate care and maintenance to make sure that your floors look their best for years to come.

Maintaining your timber floors

The great thing about engineered timber flooring is that the maintenance required to keep them looking great is relatively low. In terms of maintenance, a quick sweep on a regular basis is an easy way to stop your floors from accumulating dust and grime.

When inevitable spills occur, clean them up straight away to avoid staining or damage. This is particularly important with liquid spills as they can cause water damage if left too long. Even if there’s a hard to remove stain, resist the temptation to use a scourer or steel wool as these can scratch the timber surface.

Keep mats at the front and back doors to stop dirt and grit being tracked across your flooring and try to avoid high heeled shoes or shoes with spikes as they can leave marks on the floor.

For a more thorough clean, avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners. You might think that they’ll do a better job of cleaning your floors but they can cause damage to the timber veneer. Instead, opt forspecialised wood floor cleaners and conditioners which will nourish the timber and bring out the natural qualities of the wood.

Care and cleaning accessories

Kustom Timber offer a complete service when it comes to our engineered timber flooring. From the production and supply of our premium engineered European oak flooring to expert installation and care accessories, we can help transform your home.

For a range of maintenance and cleaning products for your timber flooring, contact Kustom Timber today.

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