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If you want to make a true feature out of your wooden flooring, parquetry could be the
perfect solution. First developed in 16th century France, parquetry is a hard wearing and
attractive style of flooring which involves small tiles of wood being arranged in a mosaic
pattern. If you’re thinking of using parquetry flooring in your Melbourne home, we’ll be
talking different ways you can integrate this unique feature into your space.

1. Create a feature area

Even if you don’t want to use parquetry throughout the entire home, it can be used to great
effect as a feature in certain areas of the home. For example, entranceways can often be a
space that’s found to be lacking excitement, but you immediately add something special to
the area when you use parquetry. Feature flooring courtesy of parquetry can also be used to
great effect in formal lounge or dining areas to set them apart from the rest of the house.

2. Add interest to large spaces

Although most of the time large spaces in the home are considered a positive, they can also
look sparse and lacking in detail as you struggle to fill the area. Parquetry is perfect for these
situations as it still provides a classic, timeless feel to the space while the intricate patterns
add a point of difference to break things up. Large living areas and hallways can often be
transformed with parquet flooring.

3. Stunning extra detailing

The devil is in the detail and parquetry can add those little touches to your home which
make all the difference. For example, small touches of parquetry on the stairs or the use of
more elaborate parquetry surrounding simpler timber flooring can elevate the aesthetic of
the home to the next level.

4. Provide warmth and character

One of the main benefits of parquetry is that it adds a wonderful sense of warmth to your
home. Whether you have an older style home which lends itself to character flooring or you
have an ultra-modern home which feels a little cold and uninviting, parquetry could be the
perfect solution.

5. Inject a sense of drama

If you’re wanting to inject some of your own personality into the home but also want a look
which will stand the test of time, parquetry is perfect. Whether you want to go for a
traditional herringbone or chevron look or prefer to opt for a more innovative design,
parquetry is the perfect way to add something extra to your home while also being left with
flooring that will fit in with your changing style.

For unique parquetry, Melbourne based Kustom Timber can help. We specialise in
engineered oak timber flooring and our team of flooring professionals can install stunning
parquetry into your home. We take a holistic approach to flooring and source, produce,
manufacture, supply and install our beautiful range of flooring.

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