Putting Together Amazing Living Spaces With Your Oak Flooring

Putting Together Amazing Living Spaces With Your Oak Flooring

There’s a lot that goes into creating your dream home. Whether you are starting from the bottom up, or renovating existing space to suit your personal taste, it can get overwhelming trying to think of how to amplify the look and feel of your house interiors. It can also be quite hard to visualise how furniture, flooring, and room layouts can look until what’s done is done, and everything has been installed and delivered. It can be disheartening to find that your imagination does not quite translate to reality when it comes to the type of look that you are going for, most especially when you’ve invested in European oak flooring as the base look of your home. But worry not, below are a few ideas to create an amazing living space by taking into consideration your finishes, furniture, and contrast.

Deciding What Aesthetic To Ascribe To

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First, it’s important to really think about how you want your home to look and feel. Are you after a streamlined, minimalistic type of look? Or maybe you’re wanting a warm, rustic feel to come home to after a long day. Search up images of living areas to draw inspiration from, and maybe even think of doing a board of ideas so you can really hammer down on the look that you desire.

Think about the tone of your oak flooring, too, as it will be taking up quite a bit of space. Depending on your supplier, your flooring can range from light finishes to dark-stained cottage feels. Light oak finishes are amazing at keeping a room bright and spacious-looking, while dark-stained finishes are great to really enhance the warmth of your living space.

Keep Things Consistent

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Once you’ve decided what look you’re going for, it’s time to find pieces that can really play into the aesthetic you’ve chosen. Keep things cohesive by sticking to similar wood finishes in your furniture. Too different types of finishes can be jarring and take away from the overall look of your living space, but it can also be quite a struggle finding exactly the same finishes when furniture shopping. When it comes to this, you can use rugs to provide separation between slightly dissimilar wood pieces and your beautiful flooring, which not only helps to unite unique elements but also contributes to a homey feel.

And when it comes to the bits and pieces that are placed on tables, counters, and the like, such as vases, candlesticks, photo frames, etcetera, it’s important to try and focus on the levels of contrast of wood tones you have been using. If your flooring is dark and rich, stick to medium to dark-toned furniture and decor, unless you want to play with contrasts and use light-toned furniture for a stylish statement. Lighter wood flooring goes well with light to medium toned, on the other hand.

If you are after quality oak timber flooring, contact us at Kustom Timber! Choose from our selection of oak flooring Melbourne styles to really personalise your living space and make your house a home. Our experts are well-versed and experienced in installing timber flooring, and we’ll work to help make your imagination a reality.

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