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Your Easy 5 Step Guide To Keeping Your Floors New Forever

Your easy 5 step guide to keeping your floors new forever👌🏼

1. Mat at the front door 🚪

This catches most of the grit off your shoes. Has to be done ✅

Grit is the number 1 floor killer, scratches will appear, it ruins the finish & opens the floor up to moisture which can swell your flooring.


2. Vacuum regularly

We love this Dyson. Easy to have on hand for a quick whizz around.

Vacuuming is the assistant to your door mat and further ensures the floor surface is clean and prevents harmful scratches.

Dyson vac

3. Mop once a week

Look you don’t actually have to mop every week 😉  spot cleaning and vacuuming is usually enough if your a clean freak, but mopping will assist in removing grime that can actually stain your floor! Bang 🔫

Get this one, it’s tough, you can have the cleaner and spray ready to rock. You can pick this up for a bargain at Bunnings. Grab a snag while you’re at it.

Your Easy 5 Step Guide To Keeping Your Floors New Forever

4. Felt stops under feet

Stools at the bench, chairs at the table, anything that slides around. Just do it 👊  You wouldn’t believe how many floors we see damaged from furniture.

Get these ones from Bunnings. Cut and glue them on if you have to.

Your Easy 5 Step Guide To Keeping Your Floors New Forever

5. Add this cleaner to your kit

This stuff is the ducks 🦆 nuts 🥜

Magical floor syrup that gives the floor that lustre.

This cleaner replenishes all of the fine scratches from dirt and grit, puts that lovely finish back over the floor, gives it that new looking sheen all the time.

Velurex Cleaner Star

We hope you enjoyed our handy guide to keeping your floors new forever, for more tips and creative inspo, become a Kustom Timber member below

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