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Your flooring is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll make when it comes to the final look of your home and you need to strike a balance between flooring which is hardwearing and durable while also reflecting your personal style. With so many options on offer when it comes to flooring materials, we’ll be looking specifically at two of the most popular options and how they compare to each other. So, if you’re undecided between engineered timber and tiles hopefully our quick guide will offer some insight!

engineered timber flooring Installation

Tiled flooring

Tiles are a hard-wearing flooring solution which can work well in heavy traffic areas. There is also a range of colours, textures, patterns, and finishes available to suit your current style and there are plenty of budget-friendly options if you need to cover a large area. It’s also a low maintenance flooring solution that can stand up to spills and stains. Their superior moisture resistance also makes them the obvious choice for bathrooms. 

However, tiles can give a cold feel to your space and aren’t pleasant in the cooler weather underfoot. Tile style trends also come and go relatively quickly so a contemporary look can look dated in a relatively short space of time. Although easy to maintain with vacuuming and mopping, lighter coloured grout can become discoloured over time which can impact on the aesthetic of the space. You also need to be careful after spills as tiles can be very slippery!

Timber Flooring Melbourne

Timber flooring

When it comes to durability, engineered timber flooring is very hard wearing and can last generations when looked after properly. Engineered timber is made from multiple layers of strong material with a genuine timber veneer over the top which makes it resistant to moisture and perfect for Australian conditions. Due to their smooth surface, timber floors are easy to maintain and can stand up to heavy traffic areas which makes it a practical option for families.

Compared to tiles, timber flooring provides a feeling of warmth and gives a welcoming feel to the home. They’re also warmer and softer underfoot compared to tiling which makes them perfect for colder weather! Timber flooring offers a classic, elegant look that won’t date over time and suit every style of home, tying in perfectly if you change your décor over the years. Timber floorings are also a sought after look which can help with resale value.

Over the course of years, timber flooring can begin to show signs of wear with superficial scratches and damage. However, this is easily remedied with professional sanding and polishing which will have your floors restored to their original beauty.Timber Flooring

Stunning engineered European oak

Kustom Timber is a Melbourne based company specialising in engineered timber flooring. Our focus on sustainability means that we use only renewable FSC approved oak trees and our floorboards are specially designed for Australian conditions. With our end-to-end service, we provide a personalised experience every step of the way.

For premium engineered oak timber flooring, speak with the team at Kustom Timber today on (03) 9645 3857.